Elance Review: Hands Free Wireless Breastpump

  • Thursday, 16 September 2021
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Elance Review: Hands Free Wireless Breastpump

Both the Elvie and the Willow wireless breast pump are very useful breast pumps you place inside of your bra. Actually, when you purchase a second hand double pump, you're really buying TWO pumps - one for each breast. They are tacked on individually and can work individually whenever you pump with either Elvie or Willow or you can pump both sides simultaneously. This makes them very convenient!

The Elvie is usually the more expensive choice, but it also has more features. The most obvious advantage to the Elvie over the other wireless breast pumps is its portability - you can take it in the car or carry it in your purse. The Elvie also has two speeds, which makes it easier to stimulate your breasts when necessary. It also comes with an electric pump so you don't need to make any extra attempts to change the milk with your free hand.

The Elvie has three different settings: low, medium, and high. Some wireless breast pump parts such as the suction cups tend to get warm, which could cause some discomfort, especially when going from low suction levels to medium suction levels. The pads on the Elvie have a heat range of eleven degrees above the actual heating element which will keep the pad cool to the touch. The suction levels are adjustable as well.

On the other hand, the Elvie can get a bit uncomfortable if it gets too hot because it can be very hot. If you use the Elvie on a daily basis, it might be better for you to choose the manual pumps because it is designed for occasional use rather than constant use. Wireless breast pumps can be used as stand alone units or can be used with milk bottles and other bottles of all shapes and sizes. You can also find several different attachments which allow you to express milk more thoroughly and speed up the time it takes to get your baby to full term. The main benefit of using wireless breast pumps is the convenience since they can be worn anytime and everywhere.

While the Elvie has the ability to express milk quicker than manual breast pumps, it is important that your baby is not so close to you when you are pumping. If it is, then you will risk them touching the nozzle which could result in a runny nose. For babies with a sensitive skin, the hands-free models are a good choice. In contrast, the manual breast pumps can be a little rough, but it does a good job. It takes a little longer to get your baby to full term when compared to the wireless breast pump.

There are a number of different feeding accessories that can be purchased separately from wireless breast pump manufacturers. These include bottle bags, nipple covers, milk pads, hoods, storage packages, electric bottle nipples, storage and travel bottles. The advantage of these additional bottles and accessories is that they can help improve the taste of your milk and prevent air-borne bacteria from causing unpleasant odors to your milk. However, make sure that they are compatible with your breast pump.

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