How to Select a Strong Suction Pump

  • Thursday, 16 September 2021
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How to Select a Strong Suction Pump

A strong suction pump is essential to many types of industrial and domestic device uses. These pumps are often used as an alternative to compressed air or water pressure. However, before purchasing a suction pump you should be sure to review the following criteria. Note that all suction pumps are not created equally.

Brand Name: Any strong suction pump should have been manufactured by or marketed by a well known, reputable company. A strong, reliable pump will be manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel and will have a durable, high quality motor. Brand names can often be found on various websites online. If no company name is found, contact information can usually be obtained from the manufacturer.

Size: Suction pumps vary in size, depending upon their intended application. They can range in diameter from about three quarters of an inch to about six inches. Typically a larger diameter suction pump will require a larger compressor housing, which will result in larger overall dimensions and weight. Suction pumps can be found in a variety of different sizes, depending upon their intended application.

Type of Operation: Suction pumps can be used with hot and cold water. However, they are primarily designed for suction applications. Suction pumps can be either self-perpetuating self-contained, or cummerbund. Self-contained suction pumps are installed into a holding tank, which is typically larger than their piston counterparts. Self-contained suction pumps will have a single impeller wheel and a diaphragm housed within a rotating bladder.

Rated Voltage and Watts: Suction pumps require electricity to operate. If the electrical power source is unstable, a battery may need to be installed in order to provide enough juice. Generally speaking, the higher the watt/volt rating of a pump, the stronger its electrical output. Most pumps rated at 500 W and over are very powerful and do not require a large amount of energy to operate properly. However, it is recommended to purchase a small pump that is able to handle the job you are attempting to complete before purchasing a large one.

When selecting a strong suction pump, it is important to choose one that fits the job you need it for. It is also recommended to carefully measure the area you plan on cleaning in order to get a pump that is the most appropriate for the application. Finally, it is a good idea to ask for recommendations from your technician, family and friends before making a purchase. Although the perfect suction pump is impossible to find, the right one can be well worth the investment.

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