Why Should I Use a Hand Free Breast Pump?

  • Thursday, 16 September 2021
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hand free breast pump

Why Should I Use a Hand Free Breast Pump?

Hand free breast pumps are an absolutely amazing invention and have saved a lot of time and energy for the new parents. However, you need to understand a few important things about the hand pumps before buying one. First of all, you must know that a hand free pumping machine cannot be used for any express purpose. So, it is only designed for babies or toddlers who suck their thumb or use their mouth for the sucking.

Moreover, the hand-free pump is not designed in such a way that it can be used for expressing milk when it is not being pumped. Therefore, it is not advisable to use this pump for any other purpose. But if you are looking for the best hand pumps for breastfeeding then there are many options available.

Actually there are two types of hand-free breast pump available in the market. One type of hand pump is manual and the other is an electric one. As far as the features are concerned, both types of hand pumps have almost similar features. The only difference between the two pumps is that the electric breast pump does not use suction power for the sucking.

As far as the maintenance is concerned both types of pumps have the same level of care. However, it has been observed that the hand powered pumps tend to leak milk at earlier hours of the day. This is because of the reason that the suction gets clogged at the time of suckling. As the milk is leaking, it may also cause some stomach cramps. Therefore, you must make sure that you clean your pump properly after every wash. Similarly, the electric pump should also be cleaned or wiped after each use.

You should also keep in mind that both of the pumps do not suit babies of above two years. According to the pediatricians, babies below two years of age should not be fitted with these pumps. Moreover, if you intend to buy this kind of pump online, you must ensure that you are buying the real one. The real pump will have the accurate speed and pressure controls that will help you breastfeed accurately.

It is not a must to get a hand free breast pump if you don't intend to buy one. However, if you want to express your breast milk at earlier ages, you must invest in a good pump and express your milk correctly. After all it's your baby and you can only do what you love the most!

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